Adult women's acne is a frustrating problem for women ages 30 to 45. The complaint most often heard is "why do I have acne and wrinkles at the same time?" Dr. Anna Guanche addresses this condition with prescription-strength oral and topical medications. Our aesthetician offers salicylic acid dermalinfused microdermabrasion and light peels to augment this process.

Treament Options for Acne Include:

Acne Facial - $100 per treatment (40 minutes)

Perfect for teenagers or those who have congested pores. This is a medical-grade treatment that begins with an exfoliating alpha or beta gel and ends in extractions. This procedure can sometimes be billed to insurance

Diamond Glow® Peel - $200 per treatment (45 minutes)

Revolutionary particle-free microdermabrasion system exfoliates the skin as it infuses it with treatment solutions specific to your skin. Great for clearing up acne quickly, improving rosacea and reducing unwanted pigmentation from melasma or sun damage. Leaves the skin smooth and fresh. No downtime!

Jessner's Peel - $300 (20 minutes)

Go deeper with this treatment to help clear acne, melasma, brown spots, and fine lines. One week of light, flaky peeling. A series is recommended for skin rejuvenation.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) - $600 per treatment (1 hour)

A treatment series (3-4) that uses laser light and a light-sensitive dye to treat active acne. It shrinks oil glands and puts acne into remission for about a year.

Blue Light Treatment - $45 per treatment (15 minutes)

A pain-free, effective, and 100% natural treatment. Completely non-invasive and often very relaxing. No downtime! Treatments are usually administered twice a week for 4-8 weeks. Suitable treatment option for all age groups. Click here for more information


Fraxel - Quoted by area

A fractionated resurfacing laser therapy series (4-6) designed to dramatically improve skin texture and pigmentation, including depressed or pigmented acne scars.

* prices subject to change.